Frit Incorporated

Frit Incorporated is the parent corporation for all subsidiaries that make up the Frit family. They include Frit Industries, Inc., PRO-SOL, Inc., GREEN-SOL, Inc., and Frit Car, Inc.

Frit Industries, Inc.

Frit Industries, Inc. produces micronutrients for the fertilizer industry. Granular, single element and multi-element formulations are available for use as additives to meet a wide variety of crop needs. Liquid foliar and powdered horticultural formulations are also available.


PRO-SOL, Inc. produces high-quality, water-soluble fertilizers. Products are formulated for use on turf, nursery, and field crops.


GREEN-SOL, Inc. markets a variety of specialty fertilizers and chemicals. They include natural plant hormones in a soluble fertilizer base, surfactants, adjuvants, and other specialty products.

Frit Car, Inc.

FRIT CAR, Inc. repairs, paints, and cleans railcars. They specialize in all types of repair, selected cleaning, painting, and rubber lining..